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Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2008

L’arc En Ciel : From Japan With Rock!!

Allow… meet L’arc En Ciel! The best Japanese rock band ever—they also known as they called them Laruku. They were very famous in many countries and have a lot of groupies (or in another word “loyal fans”). Even I don’t understand any word of their lyrics, but I still like their songs very much. Just like an old say: “Music is a universal language”.
L’arc En Ciel (ラルク アン シエル, raruku an shieru, "the arc in the sky" or "the rainbow" in French) is a popular Japanese rock band, formed in 1991. The group has sold over 15 million albums, 30 million singles, and millions of other units, such as videos. They were ranked at number 58, in a list of Japan's top 100 musicians. L’arc En Ciel’s members are: Hyde (lead vocalist), Ken (guitarist), Tetsu (bassist),Yukihiro (drummer). I really like them because of their alternative pop-rock music is so unique and original… They blended and mixed many kinds of music such as pop, jazz, rock, etc—so that becomes their own music with high skilled of musical and performance. It’s just so… L’arc En Ciel. So Japanese!

Here’s some of my fave tracks from L’arc En Ciel:

Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2008

Original Soundtrack "Naruto"

This is one of my fave anime!! So, you guys may downloads the soundtrack that I've shared... Hope you all enjoy them!

Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008

Perfect : Full Resist Lyrics of Simple Plan About Being You Yourself

This is kind an old song of Simple Plan, but I still really like it. The song tells about the relationship between father and son which not harmonic, because they cannot understand each other. The son felt like she just a doll for his father and he couldn't accept it at all anymore. His father push him very hard and wants him to be like his father. Although he just wants to be himself. So then, as he couldn't take it anymore he revolts to his father and speaks up: “Sorry, I can’t be perfect…”

The song is very good, the lyrics is so deep. Written with a heartfelt and full of resist and revolting soul, it seems like Simple Plan wanna say: Just be yourself! And be whatever you wanna be!!

Get the lyrics? Or Download this song?

Minggu, 17 Agustus 2008

When You’re Gone : Romantic Side of Avril Lavigne

I really like this song (this is one of my fave song!) because I’m one of Avril’s huge fan. As you know, Avril is pretty and has her own style! That’s make her different from another female artist… Okay, enough talking about her. Let’s talking about the music. I enjoyed this song because the music is very good, especially the lyrics are very deep and romantic about losing someone who you loved that you thought it never gonna happened until his or her going. And then you realized how they meant so much to you and you'll miss them very much… Yeah, it's true you don't know what you've got until it's gone. What a good song!
You know, on a program on MTV Avril said that she wrote the song when she was took a tour and feeling so far away from home, friends, and everybody that she care about. On a bus, at the gap of her tour schedule she pick a guitar and… jreng! She just wrote “When you’re gone the peaces of my heart is missing you…”
The song is very different from another punk-song-lyrics of Avril Lavigne. This is truly describe Avril’s romantic side. Hmmm, it seems Avril could be able to romantic too, eh?

Wanna get the song lyrics and cords? Or download this song?

My Chemical Romance : The Black Parade!

Combining dark lyrical imagery with blistering pop-punk, New Jersey's My Chemical Romance have become one of the more dominant bands on the rock circuit. While they've been firmly slotted within the current emo genre, the fivesome are hesitant to embrace this tag - simply preferring to be known as a rock group. Originally forming in 2001 when frontman Gerard Way wrote a song with drummer Matt Pelissier in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks, MCR was rounded out with the inclusion of Ray Toro and Frank Iero on guitar and Way's younger brother Mikey on bass.

Shortly after forming, MCR were already in the studio working on their debut album. Released on New York-based Eyeball Records in 2002, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love showcased the band's dark sound and introspective lyrics. With consequent mainstream attention, the band signed with Reprise Records and released the slickly produced, yet aggressive-as-ever, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge in 2004. The record became an instant success and featured the singles 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)' and 'Helena'. Extensive touring followed, however the band hit a bump in the road with the departure of drummer Pelissier who was replaced by Bob Bryar.

MCR's major label follow-up, 2006's The Black Parade took a step away from their previous offerings, instead embracing a far more ambitious sound akin to a rock opera. The first single, 'Welcome to The Black Parade', helped the record go platinum within months.